December 15, 2021 – COVID & Statistics

Dear Members,

The NLLPA wanted to reach out with a strong but friendly reminder to stay safe and to follow the League COVID Policy & Protocols.  Our league has now had our first COVID-19 cases.  Additionally, cases have started to ramp up in most cities and in other major sports leagues leading to the postponement of games.

Please see the up-to-date NLL COVID-19 policy here: NLL COVID-19 Policy & Protocol 2021-22 – NLL


The league is aware that historical stats are missing from their website (other than this year) and they are working to remedy this.

The league is also aware of poor statistical analysis during the first couple of weekends and they have worked with the ‘problem arenas’ to help solve this issue going forward.  However, if you notice any incorrect stats, please notify your team’s PR employee (listed below) no later than noon ET on the Tuesday after the preceding weekend’s games.

Jordan Lomaestro [email protected] Albany
Cara Murphy [email protected]  Buffalo
[email protected] Bandits
Laura Barker [email protected] Calgary
James Youness [email protected] Colorado
Dan Levak [email protected] Georgia
Tyson Geick [email protected] Halifax
Mark Fine [email protected] Las Vegas
Brett Malamud [email protected] New York
Andrew Hatfield [email protected] Panther City
Meghan Carrigan [email protected] Philadelphia
Warren Kosel [email protected] Rochester
Hannah Kosh [email protected] San Diego
Tyler Wawryk *interim [email protected] Saskatchewan
Mike Hancock [email protected] Toronto
Dave Sheldon [email protected] Vancouv


As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Thank you and stay safe,


Reid Reinholdt

Vice President & Executive Director


National Lacrosse League Players Association

P: 604-897-5517

E: [email protected]