NLL Players Association Announcement

Lacrosse Community,

We are proud to announce that the Professional Lacrosse Players Association has officially been renamed the National Lacrosse League Players Association. We recognize that the groundwork of our players union was established under the PLPA and formerly the MILLPA up until now and we would not be where we are today without the hard work that was put in by our founders Ron Jaros, Peter Schmitz, and Dave Succamore. As a union we are forever grateful for their contributions and are looking forward to building upon their progress in years to come.

This decision was made to be better aligned with the NLL from a commercial/marketing perspective and also have brand recognition when our fans see the name NLLPA. This change will help us establish meaningful business partnerships leveraging our status as NLL players to generate more income outside of player dues and league payments that we can invest into the union. Our players union has been bettering the terms and conditions of our employment under a few names since its founding in 1992 and will continue to negotiate these terms on the players behalf as the NLLPA for the years to come.

● Please follow us on twitter @NLLPA.
● Instagram handle is in the process of being acquired.


Zach Currier

Reid Reinholdt
VP, Executive Director

Gee Nash

John Rosa

Jason Jaros
General Counsel