October 20, 2020 – Business Summit

Hello Members,

The league has pushed back the Season announcement until early next week.  We will inform you before the league goes public with this announcement.  Following this announcement, we will be contacting the membership for your input.  In particular, we will be contacting the members who play in multiple leagues to better understand how our season could impact you.

We have PLPA sweaters orderer last year that we will be looking to distribute to all of you.

A friendly reminder that tomorrow evening is the deadline to RSVP to the 2nd Annual Player Business Summit.  All sessions are virtual and, since each participant will have a unique link, the league needs to know if how many of you will be attending.  Currently, there are 42 players signed up. Please RSVP to [email protected] by tomorrow and include your shirt size and confirm your home mailing address. The league will be sending swag your way. 

Thank you,

Reid and Zach