May 18, 2021 – Back of the Bird Podcast

Hello members,

Please support two of our own, Dan Lomas and Paul Dawson, as they start their own Lacrosse Podcast.

Back of the Bird episode 1 is live!! Here’s the link to Spotify and Apple:

Dan and Paul have started up a podcast to give an inside look into what life in the NLL is like and to give a platform to any players that are interested to show their personalities.  This is an awesome way to grow recognition for the league and put the narrative into the players hands. 

If anyone is interested in sitting down to chat shoot with Dan and Pualy, send them an email at [email protected]

Thank you,

Reid Reinholdt

Vice President & Executive Director

National Lacrosse League Players Association

P: 604-897-5517

E: [email protected]