July 24th, 2023 – Contract Advice and Tips

Dear Members,
Contracts are at the top of everyone’s mind right now and I wanted to reach out with some advice and tips to consider while negotiating.  Some of you may be fully aware of the following information, but hopefully it can help a few of you.
Multi-Year Contracts

It is our STRONG suggestion not to sign past the 2024-25 season.  The current CBA expires in the summer of 2025 and the new terms of the following CBA are currently unknown and could affect your salary, free agency, etc.
Restricted Free Agency (‘RFA’) Considerations
Becoming an RFA increases your negotiating power as RFA’s can garner offers from every team in the league. Upon signing with another team, the
the team that owns the player’s rights has 72 hours to match the salary and bonuses of the offer, in which case they would retain the player’s rights. To be considered an RFA a player must have played for at least 3 seasons, have dressed for at least 30 games, and one of the following:

  • A1 – The player sat out the previous year.
  • A2 – The player did not receive a Qualifying Offer + (“QO+”) by July 31st.
    • The QO+ offer must be 6% greater than your previous year’s Salary.
    • Note: Qualifying offers are made by the team in order to keep a player from becoming an RFA. They are not required to be signed by the player being qualified.
  • A3 – The player was signed for less than the A3 Threshold the previous season as listed below:
    • 2022-23: $22,700
    • 2023-24: $23,600
    • 2024-25: $24,500

ADVICE: Consider signing your contract for an amount slightly less than A3 Threshold in order to achieve RFA status (You must be in your 3rd season or later).  

Unrestricted Free Agency
UFAs have the negotiating power as UFA’s can garner, and sign offers from any team in the league. In order to be considered a UFA a player must be:
1)  At least 30 years of age and have played for at least 6 seasons (age determined Jan 1st of the Calendar year and not on a players actual birthday) 
2)  8 seasons played

ADVICE: Wait until August to sign a contract.  Your negotiating power only increases when the calendar flips to August 1st and you can recieve offers from other clubs.

Franchise Designation
Each club can designate one player as their franchise player, paying that player $50,000 USD, and rendering that player ineligible for free agency. Franchise player designations must be made by July 31st. Players over the age of 33 have 72 hours to reject the designation.
ADVICE: Consider this if you are over 33 and your team wants to Franchise Tag you.  Your team wants to keep you happy and for you to accept the tag.  Ask your team to offer you the Tag on July 31st, you will have 72 hours to accept the offer.  You will be able to enter free agency on August 1st and listen to offers from other clubs while also having the Franchise tag offer in your back pocket.  You can use this method to make an informed decision by truly understanding your market value. 

Regional Attorneys
As always, the NLLPA strongly suggests using one of our qualified Regional Attorneys to help you with your contract negotiations.  The NLLPA subsidises the first $200 USD of any players’ first time using a Regional Attorney! 
If you have questions about anything relating to your particular upcoming contract negotiation or situation, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Thank you,


Reid Reinholdt

Vice President & Executive Director
National Lacrosse League Players Association
P: 604-897-5517