April 21, 2021 – Whoop Partnership

Hello Members,

The NLLPA is proud to announce a partnership with Whoop.

Whoop prides itself on being the world’s most powerful fitness membership.  Whoop goes above and beyond in comparison to many other fitness bands.  

Please see one of our members, Dan Lomas’, Whoop review below:

“I joined Whoop after last Christmas, switching over from an Apple watch. Initially, most of the reasoning was that I wasn’t getting a great idea of sleep tracking, how recovered my body was and couldn’t stand wearing the watch during practices/games. A friend suggested I give Whoop a shot. For me it’s been game changing. It tracks your time spent in the different levels of sleep, your heart rate variability (variations in the time in between heart beats- a higher number indicating your body is recovered and your heart can pump less regularly), resting heart rate, suggests a strain level on the day based on this recovery and even comes up with a suggested amount of time spent in bed to recover fully.  

They’ve signed on exclusive partnerships with CrossFit, NFLPA and most recently the PGA. The band is great to wear while you have gloves on- don’t even notice it and the charger slips over top so you never need to take it off. I’ve also loved the create a team feature that allows you to add your teammates to a group- see their sleep *(lack there of in some cases), strain levels and recovery. It’s been awesome for us to have this- especially while we can’t all be together in our standard, competitive environments.”

For more information, visit: https://www.whoop.com/

With Dan’s assistance, Whoop has offered NLLPA members access to:

  • 25% off discount on the yearly membership using code NLLPA25.
  • The Whoop band itself is free with the purchase of a yearly membership. 

We hope this is a step towards further conversations of a larger partnership once our next season rolls around. 

Thank you,

Reid Reinholdt

Vice President & Executive Director

National Lacrosse League Players Association

P: 604-897-5517

E: [email protected]