September 13th, 2023 – State and Liberty Partnership

Dear Members,

The NLLPA is excited to announce an exclusive and official partnership with State & Liberty Clothing Company.  With this, all NLL Players Association members will be receiving 15% off all purchases both online and in-store.

If you’re not familiar with State & Liberty, they specialize in athletic fit, stretch material menswear, including suiting, dress shirts, and more. Their website showcases a wide range of offerings that are worth exploring.
Moreover, State & Liberty have 24 brick and mortar stores all over the US/Canada and in cities where members travel throughout the season.
To retrieve your discount for online usage, please contact Carl ([email protected]) with:
    • Your Name
    • Email
  • Desired Code Name
  • Code will be limited to a maximum of 10 uses per year.
  • Proof of Membership (Link or Screenshot of Player Profile on Team Website)
For in-store discount usage, please provide proof of membership to the in-store team.
Please forward any questions you may have to Carl and the S&L team.
Thank you!

Reid Reinholdt

Vice President & Executive Director
National Lacrosse League Players Association
P: 604-897-5517