June 29th, 2023 – Website Maintenance, Free Agency, Playoff Attendance, NLLPA Election

Dear Members,

I hope everyone is enjoying their summers following another exciting NLL season.  Please see the below updates regarding NLLPA Website Maintenance, Free Agency, Playoff Attendance and NLLPA Election Information.
NLLPA Website Maintenance
Please be advised that the NLLPA.com player login portion of the website is currently not working, we are trying to resolve the issue.  Meanwhile, you can access the same resources through the NLLPA Player Contract Negotiation Tools Google Drive.  Additionally, I have included the Term Sheet from our most recent CBA negotiations while it continues to be integrated into the CBA.
Free Agency
Please see the attached Free Agency list.  Please be advised there are about 25 players who the NLLPA is disputing their service time.  
See the below brief explanation of the Free Agency system.  As always, please reach out with any questions about your personal status or situation. 
Free Agency System
RFA – 3 years of service, 30 games played.  Not under contract.
A Player shall not be eligible for QO+ during a given offseason in the event Player received a QO+ during the previous offseason, did not sign an agreement with the team owning Player’s rights to his services, and sits out one full year.
  1. Teams may retain the rights to match an offer (on-field compensation: salary + bonus) by another team by making a QO to the player of their previous year’s salary.
  2. Teams may retain the rights to the player’s services by making a QO to the player of an increase of 6% of their previous year’s salary (“QO+”). Player’s salary may exceed the Veteran Maximum in the event team makes a QO+ offer to the Player, but in any event, Player cannot earn greater than an 6% increase over previous year’s salary.
  3. Players who do not receive a QO or QO+ shall become a UFA.
Players with 3 years of service, 30 games played (Not under contract), making under the A3 Threshold the immediately preceding season shall be considered an A3 RFA.
  • 2023: $22,700 
  • 2024: $23,600 
  • 2025: $24,500
8 seasons of service OR 30 years old (Born 1993 or earlier) and 6 seasons of service.
  • Players 33+ years old may reject the Franchise Designation.
  • Players 33+ shall be afforded the full 72 hours after being offered the Franchise Tag to make a decision (ADVICE: asked to be offered the franchise designation on July 31st so you can listen to offers from other teams beginning August 1st while deciding if you should accept the tag).
Salary Limits 
   2023-24   2024-25 
Rookie  $ 12,917  $ 13,433
Second Year Min  $ 15,433  $ 16,050
Second Year Max  $ 21,043  $ 21,885
Veteran Min  $ 19,189  $ 19,957
Veteran Max  $ 38,127  $ 39,653
Franchise  $ 50,000  $ 50,000
A3 Threshold  $ 23,600  $ 24,500

Playoff Attendance
The NLLPA would like to share the playoff attendance and revenue figures with all of you.  However, there are a few discrepancies in the information we were provided.  Once we are able to verify the information, we will share it with all of you.  We appreciate your understanding.
NLLPA Election Information
Please be advised that this year is an NLLPA election year.  As per the NLLPA Constitution and Bylaws, nominations shall take place 35-45 days preceding the commencement of voting.  Voting is conducted the first full calendar week of October.  Please reach out if you would like access to the NLLPA Constitution and Bylaws for more information.


NLL Player Status 2023 Offseason-6-15-23

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Reid Reinholdt

Vice President & Executive Director
National Lacrosse League Players Association
P: 604-897-5517