April 26th, 2023 – Metavarsity Partnership

Dear Members,

We’re excited to partner with Metavarsity to build a next-gen fantasy sports platform that combines collectibles and fantasy sports into a whole new fan experience. This will be a great way to continue to grow the game, while benefiting all athletes and the PA. 

We have negotiated for each athlete to receive 15% of revenue generated from fans they drive to the Metavarsity Platform.  Additionally, everytime your particular card is traded on the market place, you will receive 15%.
Each of you will receive a separate email this morning that has a unique referral URL that will track the users that sign up through your link.

Important Info:
    • Official Announcement, Today, Wednesday, April 26th – Public joint announcement of the partnership. Please help amplify the message across your platforms. 
  • Phase 1 (Spring 2023) – Initial launch will focus on collecting MetaPro fantasy athletes & completing sets for fans to win prizes.
  • Phase 2 (Winter 2023) – Launch weekly fantasy competitions using collected MetaPros.
Next Steps:
You will be receiving 2 separate emails from Metavarsity this morning that will include 
  1. Login Info – your personal login credentials to the Metavarsity platform
  2. Social Media Materials – your personal referral link, social media assets, suggested captions, etc. 

Please check spam if you do not receive it.

Details on the platform can be found on Metavarsity’s website or the one-sheeter (below and attached). For any questions on the platform or how it all works, feel free to reach out to Samson, Metavarsity’s founder, or to 
Thank you,
Reid Reinholdt

Vice President & Executive Director
National Lacrosse League Players Association
P: 604-897-5517